Kyparissia Beach Hotel is located in Kyparissia, the capital of the new municipality of Trifilia; it is built in front of the beautiful harbor and the marina and reflects all our love and respect for the visitor.

The 3*** star hotel was renovated in 2008 and currently features 28 fully equipped rooms.

A spectacular view of the Ionian Sea emerges through the green surroundings of the hotel which feature a swimming pool, pool bar, outdoor / indoor snack bar / cafe; enjoy your cocktails or snacks while watching the amazing sunset of Kyparissia.

Inside the premises, you can find a snack bar / cafeteria and various rooms properly decorated and ideal for meetings and events.

The location has been carefully selected in order to combine relaxation and nightlife. It is only 250 meters away from the Main Square and 300 meters from the fully equipped General Hospital.

In a distance of 100 meters from the hotel you will find the central beach which features both organized and free spaces, as well as other amazing, clean sand beaches, like "Trypes," "Kartela", "Sani" and "Kalo Nero"; in some parts of this beach the turtle Caretta - Caretta lays its eggs. The entire 30km coast line goes as far as Giannitochori and is protected by the "NATURA" regime.

The pleasant decoration of the hotel, the excellent service and the traditional Greek hospitality guarantee an unforgettable stay.

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